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A couple weeks ago I stumbled across another rather interesting blog. It’s simply called The Pixar Blog and it covers various aspects of Pixar projects and personalities. Being the Pixar fan that I am I am always reading it to see what’s going on. In fact, one entry I found rather peculiar. This young lady decied to record herself watching the Wall-E teaser on her computer. She was so moved by what she saw that she literally started crying. Now I thought it was a good teaser but WOW! Here’s the kicker, that video got posted on YouTube and eventually got viewed by the higher ups at Pixar. They were so moved by how much she was moved that they invited her to the Wall-E wrap party at the Pixar facility. Click here to see the entry and the video there is also a link there that tells of her Pixar experience. From now on, I am going to record myself watching every movie trailer that comes out.



  1. Jan Winther 14 July, 2008 at 18:43 Reply

    Hey Corey..

    I took the kids to see Wall-E the other day, and wow. What an amazing piece art that is. I was totally blown away by the attention to detail in every aspect of the movie. I guess being an animator by trade ( i hope im right) im sure you have seen it. I would love to hear your comments on the movie on the blog. I would say its the best animated movie by far in a long time. I would also be cool to see some of the elements from the movie as tutorials such as the grine on the signs etc. you see in the begining.

    Love your blog, Corey.


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