Just wanted to call attention to the newest NAPP member exclusive video tutorials that were just posted on Friday. If you are a NAPP member and find that you don’t really go to the member site such then there is no better reason than to see all the exclusive video and written content exclusively for NAPP members. There are literally hundreds of videos from all the Photoshop guys and other contributing Photoshop gurus and more videos are added every week. This week we have a couple new vids from RC Concepcion and myself. RC talks about using the crop tool in Photoshop to hide stuff in your images and I talk about how you can apply some simple layer effects to add new life to a seemingly unexciting photo. Again, these are exclusive NAPP member tutorials and can be accessed through the main member page. Now if you are not a NAPP member then click here to get started and get access to exclusive content, discounts, exclusive updates, and so much more. Yes this may sound like a NAPP advert, but hey it’s still pretty cool if you are a die hard Photoshop user. Go now! See you on the other side!


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