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Adding Music to Your Flash Web Gallery

In CS2 Adobe added two Flash-based templates you can use for your online Web Photo Gallery. Even cooler is the fact that you can now add a background music track to one of these Flash galleries. Just follow these steps: First find the MP3 audio track you want to use as your background music and rename the file as “useraudio.mp3”. Then open your Photoshop CS2 application folder and navigate to Presets>Web Photo Gallery. Inside that folder look for either Flash Gallery 1 or Flash Gallery 2. Depending on which gallery you chose within Photoshop, drag-and-drop your audio file into the corresponding folder. That’s it! You’ve got background music.



  1. Attila 31 August, 2008 at 08:45 Reply

    I have music under the photo galleries and every time the music starts
    it goes on for a few sec then stops and restarts…
    Could that be because of the size of the file, or the connection speed?
    Tried several music from 2.5 to 5MB and I have 1.5DSL.
    If you know a solution to prevent this reloading please drop me a line.
    Thanks in advance.

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