Wacom Intuous 4 Is Here!!!

That’s right! The wait is over. Today at the Photoshop World keynote Wacom introduced the new line of pressure sensitive tablets. The new Intuous 4 boasts a host of awesome new features. Like the new LED displays which indicate what express keys are programmed for. This is especially nice because before I would program the keys and never remember what they did. Also they have added a touch ring which is programmable in four modes. You can set it to scroll, zoom, scrub video, or whatever. Other nice enhancements include twice the pressure in the grip pen. Where previous models would register 1024 levels of pressure the Intuous 4 has 2048 levels of pressure. The new design is very slick and has all of these controls on one side of the tablet for easy access. There is also a detachable USB cord and two USB ports on the tablet which makes it easy to flip it around for right handed or left handed users. I am super excited about this new product and hope you find these new features as exciting as I do. You can find out more about this tablet and other Wacom products at the Wacom site. Also, I have a brand new course over at Kelby Training site called Getting Up To Speed With Intuous 4. Click here for more info.



  1. Jon 25 March, 2009 at 20:01 Reply

    Awwww, I just bought my Intuos 3 tablet like 3 months ago and now theyre releasing a new one…I should of waited lol.

  2. bart 26 March, 2009 at 06:50 Reply

    the old wacom 3 has buttons on both sides making it useful for right and left handed people. the new series 4 had buttons on the left, making it useless for left-handed people (like me). And i assume that at wacom they now that there is a large group of left-handed designers. (in my class it was almost 50/50 left vs right) From a large firm like wacom I would not have expected this major design flow.

  3. bart 26 March, 2009 at 06:54 Reply

    me and my big mouth, of course you can flip it around. And being worried about the logo’s being upside down, those are intelligent display’s. So sorry for reining your otherwise brilliant site.

  4. siniority 27 March, 2009 at 04:00 Reply

    damn it i just bought an intuos 3 ..wonder if my receit is still good for an exchange…probably not…oh well..pretty sure they’ll come out for the new cintiq..so i’ll wait for that…

  5. Nic 28 March, 2009 at 01:43 Reply

    The Intuos 4 is SO COOL!!!!! It is a very thought out design and double the levels of pressure. I just need to figure out how to move all the settings that took a little to get how I want them on my iMac, over to my Mac Book. Anybody know how?

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