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Stage Lights

Learn how to make these smoky stage lights by creating a gradient selection in quick mask mode and applying some filters and layer styles.

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  1. This one was great, Corey. It would love to see how you would handle the glow on the band if you were to use two different colours of light.

  2. Great Tutorial. You should make the project fils available to use, just like the ones you guys do on Layers TV.

  3. This tutorial is terrible. Not really. It is great and has so many applications, really gets my wheels turning. Just thought I’d mix the comments up a bit 😛

  4. Awesome tut. Very informative and has many more applications than the subject shown. Thanks for your wonderful service to this community!

  5. Thanks so much i have learned so much from all of these tutorials and please keep them coming, thanks again

  6. Really good.
    I think you said the shortcuts too quickly and I got a little lost during colour fill, but otherwise I found it a very good tutorial.

    Thank you.
    David J

  7. Man all i got to say is that is one cool trick i tried it out with some other black and white backgrounds and the results are crazy. there was times i did get lost a bit but i got back up and did it. keep ’em coming

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  9. i’m having a problem in the last step. When i add the solid color adjustment layer my document just keeps black and white like i never added anything. Does anyone know what i’m doing wrong? I’m kind a new in Photoshop

  10. I work in lighting for a showroom in Las Vegas…and am a photographer…this lets me enhance all my photos and graphics in a phat way!!!!! Outstanding!!!

  11. Awesome man! btw I’ve been trying to find out how to get the workspace background in ps transparent so i can get to files without minimizing ps. never found the solution. care to tell me any1?

  12. Estoy sorprendido con este tutorial, me gustó muchisimo; justamente lo que estaba buscanso, ese efecto tan real de estar en un escnario con sus luces.Realmente es grandioso tu trabajo.Muchas Gracias

  13. i’m just a little kid around 13 years and is willing to learn alot about this if you could help me out that would mean the world to me.. and your really good at nice job!!!

  14. Wow-Ive been looking at tutorials on PS for a week and just came across yours tonight. Apparently you single-handedly created PS,kidding but you are by far the most talented on the web, and you do it without sounding like a complete dork..thanks!

  15. hey frendz
    can anyone send me the whole tutorial os the stage light as written to my mail ?
    plz frendz help mee coz my system wont support flash player 9 and hence the video wont play…………
    so i kindky request u frendz to forward me this tutorial so that i can also know abt this tutorial ………….

  16. Hi guys, do you know why i can not see all the video-tutorial?? When it isin the middle, it appears and add and then the video doesn’t continue playing…


  17. This tutorial is really amazing!!!

    I cant imagine people have nice ideas like this!

    But I say it 10 seconds ago.;)

    Keep amazing us!


  18. Good tut.

    I had to do the gradient selection backwards though. Otherwise the marching ants were on top. I did everything you did, don’t know why it gave opposite. The quick mask looked the same, but when I came out of quick mask mode, the marching ants were on the top half, not bottom half. 😛

  19. Cory, you are a great instructor, and I would have to say after a year of seeing and reading tutorials all over the web, this one has to be one of THE coolest and greatest ones I have ever seen. I am ever so grateful for all of your hard work, and ever so grateful that you make this all available for those of us who don’t have the time or money to go to school full time to learn all this stuff. Thanks again so much…Doug

  20. Hello Corey !

    Many thanks for your tutorials very useful ! You are the king of photoshop !! I’m working in the entertainment field and this one is going very useful for designing our new brochure !

  21. Fanatastic skill Corey thank you for sharing, however at the moment 14/05/09 21:29 uk time, the tuturial finishes halfway through? hopefully this is a problem my end. if not hope it will be resolved soon. Once again thank you. Gaz

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  28. Oh, this tutorial was a lifesaver!! I’ve been trying to get the stage light effects with totally different methods, but this was quick and so easy. Thanks a lot!!!

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  32. I’m having trouble using the gradient tool in quick mask mode. I follow the steps you give exactly and it won’t use the gradient to select in quick mask mode. The paint tool works perfectly fine, but when I switch to the gradient tool, it doesn’t work. Any idea as to what I’m doing wrong?

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  34. after applying the gradient, my marching ants are not halfway up. They are halfway up on the background and then surround my white rectangle all the way up to the top. what am I doing wrong?

  35. Hi, Excellent Tut! I am wondering, though, how to emulate the quick mask mode in Photoshop Elements 7.0. any ideas?

    Thanks much in advance

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