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  1. Before Photoshopplanet i was a nobody in photoshopart.
    After your tutorials i am significant better and all of my friends goes … whaaauuoo !!

    Keep up the good work.
    I think you are the best¨.

  2. Corey, i think you may well be the first person to find something useful to do with the dissolve blend mode 😛 But seriously, what a great idea to get particle effects !

  3. i got to say this. this is a badazz tutorial on Photoshop. I always wanted to do some kinds of ignited or fire effect. I know the settings now. Thank you very much. Corey.

  4. I have only recently found your website. Of all the tutorial websites that I have seen, this has to be one of the best! I try and visit this site at least once a day, as I find all the tips and pointers really useful! Keep up the brilliant work!

  5. Way to rock the dissolve mode. I rarely see anyone utilize it and after recreating the tutorial myself, that last step totally sells this effect. That was a great last addition to this effect. Thank you!

  6. are your video tutorials available online? If so where may I go to download some video I am very imppressed by the material

    Thank You
    George Gomez

  7. Hi, I think your tutorials are great BUT I cannot watch this one because a magazine ad comes in the first third of the tut. The tutorial does NOT resume after the ad. Why is this????

  8. Still too fast for me. What can I say; I’m a Bonehead! I think part of it is I am using Windows and the photoshop interface is a little different. The tutorials are awesome though. I may get lost, but I still pick up tidbits that will be helpful. Thank you for all the great tutorials.

  9. With providing links to your tutorials to a film editor friend of mine, I have persuaded him the merit of photoshop over applications such as “motion”. He is now doing a lot of his designing in photoshop and regularly tells me he has far greater control over his final image than before! The power of “Mr Corey”!

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  11. Corey you’re the best!

    Neer – I haven’t got it either but I found out the way to make a some kind of chrome by my self :) I want to say is: Combine gradient overlay in layer styles with plastic warp filter and curves. :)

  12. I can not get the streak right it keeps messing up PLS HELP
    Good vids i like them all very helpful
    Thank u for ur time

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