Planet Photoshop

Space Background

Corey replicates the Planet Photoshop background by demonstrating how to create the star field and the nebulous clouds.

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  1. Cool Tut! But when I am doing the stars after the levels adjustment, I have no twinkling stars.

    Is this good or bad??

    My end result isn’t like Corey’s either.


  3. check out my new myspace background at: Thanks for you tutorial, Corey. By the wayz, How do you resize the image bigger? I Don’t want the image to be repeated on the backgroound. Thanks in advance

  4. Yes, indeed great tutorials, but can I have the transcript for them? I mean instructions step by step. I would like to try to create the effects myself.

  5. Hey i really enjoyed this tut, but i got stuck on the Luminosity part. Im using Vista (photoshop cs3) and for my Luminosity it doesn’t sparkle/twinkle like yours. Ive never used this Luminosity before so its kind of new to me.
    Could any possibly help me?
    I’m sorry for the trouble..

  6. Good tutorial. However in you said press shift+delete to go to fill options after you made the first empty layer but its actually Shift+Backspace.

  7. Okay dude! YOU ARE AWESOME!! i finally got it to work =D excellent tutorial dude, ill be sure to use these effect for school assignments to give me that extra mark =D thank you and hope this continues =D

  8. Wow awesome work and tutorial i’ve been ignoring my photoshop suite (CS1) for years up till a few months ago this will definitely help with compositions and backgrounds which i use Apophysis and Bryce 6.1 for that and skies.

  9. (WARNING STRESSED OUT PERSON) ok i think im a retard cause im doing the select the stars thingy so they start shinin then i make another layer expand them by one pixel they start shinin even more (this is the part where i really scru up) so i have my colors on default and everything u said i press ctrl+backspace (i have a comp) more stars in background the shiny stars just get bigger and i’ve tried this once i got it but im trying again and im failing miserably. i cat get the stars to stop shinin
    If anyone has any ideas pleas e contanct me my email is :

  10. The luminosity shortcut doesnt work on..?? :S option+command+~ does not work in my photoshop.. anybody know why?

  11. Where can I download the tutorials for future reference so I won’t have to be on the Internet just to view a tutorial?

  12. heyi saw this and its sweet buty delema is i cant get the outr-glw on the stars to work bcuase im on pc i tryed clicking on the rgb one which i what i thought you said was the right on but it didnt work for me

    idk what im doing wrogcan you help

  13. dude that was freakin sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bin wonderin how 2 do stuff like that 4 ages!
    gona get 2 it rite away!! :D:D:D


  14. wow… I have really learned a lot from your tutorials, I’m kind of a beginner, but once i started learning how to do so many cool things from your tutorials, I kind of became addicted. Now I see why my little sister spends so much time playing around with photoshop 😀

  15. where is the warp tool?i dont have it in the menu???i have the photoshop7 and CS8 and nothing…or im stupid…p.s. i have a pc not mac>>>please help me…thanx >>great work-uROCK!!!

  16. That’s cool Corey!!! Every time I play your tutorials my dog starts barking. She must think there’s a strange man in the house. 🙂

  17. man why when I go to select to click modify it won’t work…It doesn’t let me click it cuz its not highlighted. HELP PLZ!!!!!

  18. The issue I have is when I hit shift delete, I do not get a fill menu screen that pops up… nothing pops up! Do I have to change something in the preferences or something??

  19. Hi. Nice tutorial. However, I am stuck at the luminosity part. Can u please help me out, cos my stars dont twinkle? Ty.

  20. Woow, really amazing.
    I have just one problem.
    When I want to add those Nebula Clouds, I make a new layer to which I render clouds (without a mask). However, when I go to that layer and Filter–>Render–>Clouds it just makes that layer black. Just… Black… Please help :O

  21. Hey dude know it has been a long time since you made the vid but then i try to warp and then i’m done i’m getting some white zones where the warp has been any idea why?

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  23. Those parts of the system that you can hit with a hammer (not advised) are called hardware; those program instructions that you can only curse at are called software. Thanks for you sharing..

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