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Seeing The Real Thing

Most people open an image, make a selection, and then move the selected part into a new document to see how it looks. Instead, try moving the original image into the new document or background first. Then, while refining your selection in the Refine Edge dialog, under the View menu, choose On Layers (L). This will automatically show you your selected image on the new background, so you can see exactly what it’ll look like before finalizing the selection.
by Matt Kloskowski

Posted by Corey Barker

Corey is an education and curriculum developer for KelbyOne. He is a graduate of the Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL, with a degree in Illustration. Over the years, Corey has worked as a graphic artist in a variety of disciplines such as illustration, commercial design, large format printing, motion graphics, web design and photography. His expertise in Photoshop and Illustrator have earned him numerous awards in illustration, graphic design and photography. Using Photoshop since version 2, his expertise and creativity have evolved exponentially with every new version, which makes Corey an invaluable addition to the KelbyOne team.

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