Corey shows a quick and easy way to remove noise from your photographs.



  1. Lukas Engqvist 25 April, 2008 at 03:02 Reply

    I don’t see the noise :S zooming in at 100% and then scalingt the screen to does not give a visual, especially when you also use videocompression allogrithims.
    May be an idea to zoom in to 300% when showing before/after scenario.

  2. Dick Katz 15 May, 2008 at 16:20 Reply


    Your tutorials are awesome! You wouldn’t believe the process I used to use to try to remove noise.

    Will these tips always be archived on the site?


  3. Mervin 9 July, 2008 at 22:11 Reply

    Absolutely helpful. I am beginner at wedding photos and all my pictures taken had tremendous amount of noise. Had no way of fixing this until I look at you tips. BIG thank you. What would have caused this to happen?

  4. NJMAN 13 January, 2009 at 23:57 Reply

    You just taught me how to never fear noise again in my photos, and how to finally control it in my landscapes for a huge step up in quality. I am forever grateful!!! Thank you, thank you thank you!

  5. David Simpson 25 March, 2010 at 16:10 Reply

    Jeez All this time using reduce noise filter and being disappointed and yet it is this simple to get the result im looking for.. Thanks great job!

  6. Viperswife 29 March, 2010 at 13:28 Reply

    I completely love you! I had to shoot hockey pics at a high ISO and couldn’t use a flash. When I lightened the pics, they were so grainy. I was devastated. I know nothing about photoshop (mainly use Bridge), but I stumbled upon this video in an effort to save my pics, and YOU DID IT! There are no words to say how much I appreciate this!

  7. Amy 29 December, 2010 at 06:17 Reply

    Thank you so much!! I was in tears when I saw how awfully grainy the wedding photos had turned out and was devastated with them, and dissapointed in myself. I think i can recover most of them now – thanks to your tutorial!! Many thanks!
    Amy Xx

  8. David 28 March, 2011 at 15:26 Reply

    Hi Corey,

    thanks for the tut, very nice tips there. I did not know about the surface blur, reeeaaaally useful!

  9. Lamielle 16 July, 2011 at 19:47 Reply


    Thanks for the tutorial. i have been playing it over and over again, but I couldn’t reall find out which one to open (e.g filter) Do yu have this in writen? I think it will be easier if I’ll follow you through writing. I am confuse where is the boxes coming from.

    Thank you so much!
    Lamielle from Switzerland

  10. Nicholas Alexander 23 August, 2012 at 17:40 Reply

    Great Tutorial! It’ll surely help me in my Digital Photography Class around the corner! Man, this great! I figured it wasn’t possible to remove noise so easily! Thanks!

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