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Ready For Some Football!

Learn helpful tips and tricks in photoshop while making an a ad inspired by football season.

35 comments on “Ready For Some Football!

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  2. Corey… YOU DA MAN!! I do some advertising for youth sports at my local YMCA, and this gave me some great new ideas to try!

  3. Great idea Corey, i make one with hockey

    Some problem with your webpage, two vidéo open at the same time. (google chrome) with internet explorer the vidéo dont work.

  4. Where is the video?

    I can only see the one sentence ‘Learn helpful…’ and then the ‘Spread the word’ text, but no video or anything looking like there is supposed to be a video.

    Can someone please tell me where the videos for these tips are?

    Thank you

  5. I learned a lot from this tutorial and put together a similar composite with photos of my daughter playing volleyball. It turned out great! Thanks for teaching me how to do it. I can’t wait until she sees it in the morning

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  7. This is great! I saw a similiar layout in a College Football Program and was wonder how to make the grid pattern layout. The video and lesson where easy to follow and worked out perfectly, I’ll use this technique in our high school football program. Thanks so much.

  8. Hey, this isn’t related to this particular tutorial but how can I complete a new paint job on a car in photoshop? Using the eyedropper tool to acquire accurate colors from website with vehicles.

  9. I am just a little past being a CS3 Extended Photoshop virgin and am trying to duplicate your Great tutorial ( since it didn’t look too hard). For some reason I keep making a “shape layer” when I begin drawing the lines, instead of drawing them on the background like you did. I also get a “Could not use magic wand because target is a fill layer” when I attempt to continue with the shape layer. I am using a PC version of Photoshop. Could you tell me where I am going wrong?


    please don’t what is wrong is that your using a PC!

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