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Natural 3D Light Effect

Corey shows you how to create a natural 3D light effect using Photoshop CS5 Extended.

32 comments on “Natural 3D Light Effect

  1. Everything I know about 3D in Photoshop, I learned from you! Great tut as usual, thanks (never paid attention to “new volume from layers” until now…).

  2. Corey,

    Great tutorial as usual. I really love how much you can get out of 3D. The great thing is that your tutorials are reproducible, I can take you information and used it to do projects I want to do.


  3. Another great Tut.As Tom says something that can be used in so many applications or personal projects. Can wait to get going and experimenting.

  4. Hi Corey,
    After I selected both layers and tried to use the new volume from layers I can’t click on it because is not in bold letters. Can you please help, it’s a great tutorial and I can’t seem to figure that step out.

    Manny Torres

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  7. Hi Corey,

    Thanks for cool tutorial, as always.
    When I move 3D camera or 3D layer, I get the transparent background. Your video shows all the layers when you are moving 3D layer images. Is there any setting that enables all layers to be displayed? I am using new iMac 27 with 12GB RAM, so I think I’ve got enough horse power.

  8. Corey, you never cease to amaze me and without doubt, you’ve done it again! This is an awesome tutorial. Thank you

  9. Dear Corey & Subscibers,

    Thank you so much for your tips on reseting photoshop. Now I’m able to use New Volume from Layer command. I dont just learn how to create great designs through Planet Photoshops tutorials but the kindness that everyone (designers) have shown by helping out with tips. Awesome!
    Thanks Guys!

    Manny Torres

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  11. Nicely done, Corey!

    How does this differ from using Repoussé and an extrusion? With the Rep method, you’d have to reverse the starting mask, but then you’d gain the ability to change the scale as well as using the perspective feature on the camera. However, I think doing it straight from Rep might give you sloppy edges and create too-complex meshes.

  12. Thanks alot man.. I do alot with Cinema 4D, but it’s awesome to be able to learn such control in photoshop, allowing me to have to constantly render outside of application.
    Apparentlly you’re the only man online who teaches PS extended.. Preciate it.. Keep it up. 🙂


  14. Hi Corey
    Yet another Great Tut. But Like others After I selected both layers and tried to use the new volume from layers I can’t click on it because is not in bold letters. Can you please help.


  15. hi Mr Corey 🙂 could u advise how i could reset my photshop CS5 , so that i am able to use the New Volume from Layer command. thank you very much and hope to hear from u soon …greeting

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