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Lightning Brush Effects

Corey shows you how to create a lightning brush and use it to create interesting effects.

21 comments on “Lightning Brush Effects

  1. hey corey. keep up this work ! it is very interesting.
    but what I wanted to ask you is where you get all your pics that you use in all the tutorials?
    do you use some kind of site ?


  2. Hi Corey.

    What I like about Photoshop is the simplicity of the application, yet the dimension this simplicity adds to projects it’s jaw dropping. Again delivered in a style that oh so easy to follow.


  3. You can use (that is a website where everybody can put there art on) if you search for brushes you find all kind off stuff, btw great tut Corey

  4. If you are looking for more brushes the do a search for Ron’s Brushes.

    You will find hundered’s of high res brushes to give your picture a unique flavour.
    (note some of the brushes arent free but his work is of high quality)

  5. Good job mate:)
    Are you from Hong Kong? Or should I ask ‘Have you been there? Living there?
    Because that’s the photo of the Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong..
    and you’re using ‘想像’ as a background as well:)

  6. It is very interesting to watch that tutorial but disappointed that i couldn’t hear what you has say on that because I am Deaf. I was expected the subtitle 😞 and then I could understand what you are saying. Hopefully in the future you will set up subtitles for other people who can’t hear…

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