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How To Combine Two Paths Into One

If you’re using the Pen tool (P), and you’ve created multiple paths within your document, these paths are totally separate, and are moved independently of one another. However, if you want these paths to move as one unit—combine them. Just switch to the Path Selection tool (Shift-A until it comes up), then go up to the Options Bar and click on the Combine button. Now when you move one path, all the combined paths move right along with it.

12 comments on “How To Combine Two Paths Into One

  1. finally..someone who speaks non-photoshop gibberish….and knows what they are doing.and can give clear, concise ‘usable’ instruction…thank you

  2. To combine multiple paths into one shape:

    1- You have two paths (let us say Path1, Path2).
    2- Go to path2. With Direct Selection Tool (Keyboard A) select the whole path.
    3- Ctrl + C
    4- Go to Path1
    5- Ctrl + V
    6- Now we have the both paths together.
    7- With Direct Selection Tool (Keyboard A) select the first anchore point in first path.
    8- Activate the Pen tool.
    9- Now Alt + Click on the first anchor point in the other path.
    10- Done

  3. when i made a pen tool selection, why the canvas was automatically selected together? I know I can click inverse to deselect the canvas, but I just don’t understand why I couldn’t select the interesting area directly. Please help me. Thanks.

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