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Hollywood Effects

Corey shares some cool Hollywood graphic effects inspired by a recent movie trailer.

20 comments on “Hollywood Effects

  1. I absolutely loved the inner shadow trick to create the highlight! That will be a huge time saver for me in the future. Thanks so much!

    As for the red monochromatic style, I think it works perfectly for this type of composition. Cheesey, but that’s the idea here.

  2. why i cant view this tutorial and some other new tutorials, the old tutorial just fine i can view it,, what do i need to view this??? pls help….

  3. hello my name is Magaye toure I wrote from Senegal, I am a young graphic
    designer, web designer and I’m your fan emission.mon level of English is not good but I understand the point.
    thanks a lot

  4. This is one of those tutorials that everyone would like to use. The use of the 3D function makes this piece that much more amazing. I’m going to study this tutorial so I can reuse this in the near future. A+

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