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Fire Brushes

After creating a brush pattern from a stock image of a horse, Corey applies a layer style consisting of outer and inner glows with a hard light blend mode to create the flame effects.

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  1. this is really cool! i’m following all your instructions, even using the same picture and exact same colors for the outer and inner glow, but my horse is extremely red, and not firey looking at all. when i do the layer mask, it just selects the whole thing and darkens everything. can anyone figure out what i’m doing wrong?

    thanks in advance, and thanks corey for all yout tutorials!

  2. I’m having a problem when it comes to deleting the bruch mark after adding the the inner and outer glows the layer background goes to black unlike yours stays white transparent

  3. Rosie, make sure you have the blending mode set correctly when you apply the layer styles. Then when you use the brush click 2 or 3 times in the same spot to intensify the image, play around with what works best for you… I had the same problem to start!

    Corey… brilliance.

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  5. Nice one, again, Corey! Well, I am still a poor moneyless guy, so I couldn’t afford to go to Photoshop World, but, hey, if you tough this one there, it is a penny I saved! Thank you very much, and, from this, I picked it up and wen’t straight to my girlfriend helping her doing it also… Quite, quite, quite nice…!
    Hope to see you on next tutorial, which, I believe, is already done, the one with the vector mask! See ya, man! And thanks again!

    Mรƒยกrcio Guerra

  6. Totally awesome!

    Your videos leave me breathless, they are so good! Your skills are amazing Corey!

    I’m definitely going to be watching it many more times…

    Thank you.

  7. its nice but its really confusing to me!
    i think i would need it to be more layed out and easyer to understand!
    thanks bunches

  8. Wow this is simply awesome! The idea of deleting the contents of a layer while keeping the layer styles intact saves me the trouble of copying and pasting layer styles onto a new layer. Plus, I’ve never knew glow works so well to create a fiery effect!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  11. sorry can you help me if i do all that and i want to put this brush it says that i dont have enough memory (ram) is that thinking on my computer ram memory or photoshop memory?

  12. wow how can i d/l thes tuts ?? i mod games i pant cars in pc race games and i love thes tuts i ues this 1 all the time 2 make flames on the paint/skins of the cars

    denver co

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  16. Hi i was looking to play this from the main selection list on your blog, but the link is broken, so i’m watching this cashed version from google chase, i hope this tut doesn’t disappear, it’s a great tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚

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  18. I’ve always wanted to know how to make pictures look like they are on fire, but I never knew it was so simple! Thank you so much, you’re amazing!

  19. how about trying it with a man on fire. like Human torch or something like jessica alba in fantastic 4. half of the body is on fire and the other part is normal, or like a man holding a ball of fire?.. it’s really cool!!. Hope you can teach us that..

  20. Corey, is there a way to make someone or even a horse into Ice? I love this fire effect, and if you could turn someone into Ice with the same effect, could you show us? I cannot seem to figure it out.

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  22. Awesome! Can you do this in Gimp, too? Because I lack the funds to purchase Photoshop, I would love to make it anyway.

  23. hello !! your tutorial is fantastic….i’ve been trying certain things for many days but now i know more about photoshop !
    awesome tutorial by the way =)
    i love photoshop and editting pics…although i’m just a thirteen-year-old…!
    thnx a bunch !! u ROCK =D

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  25. WOW!
    I love it!
    This help me to know more about Photoshop applications.Please do send me more updates about new techniques and procedures.
    Thank you Mr. Corey Barker.More power to you and your company.

  26. After creating a fire image, i started a new project but unfortunately i cannot make the outer glow and inner glow working, the image is always comes in grey. What should i do. Already reset the photoshop cs 3 in its default settings. Thank you and more power.

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