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Design in the 3rd Dimension

This week Corey show you how to create high impact 3D graphics using the 3D features in Photoshop Extended.

13 comments on “Design in the 3rd Dimension

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  2. very interesting stuff. Again sparking off some ideas. After watching this I’m wondering if one could use light sources with 3D postcards ie the “PUSH” could cast a slight shadow on the Grunge background.

    ummm the possibilities :), great stuff Corey

  3. Some awesome techniques as usual. Had no idea you could set depth of field– really cool. Love all the random tidbits I pick up, like being able to connect brush tool segments.

    Thanks for all the work, keep it coming.

  4. Another AMAZING Photoshop Tips & Tricks!!!

    And, it’s still FREE…That’s AMAZING!

    Thank You!

    — Frank S.

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