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49 comments on “Dancing with the Stars

  1. Hmmm. All my lens flares have an opaque background to them so there’s a box around the flare. I must be missing something.

  2. As always… another great tutorial. Been using Photoshop for 14 years now and till this day I still don’t know everything… Awesome program! love it!… These last few weeks I learned a lot from you… Keep up the good work!


  3. HELP ME!

    i need to use this for my windows computer in my digital imaging class.
    is there a way you can do this on a windows computer…. my project is due tomorrow.

  4. This one is realy useful to me and all. i wish to learn more from here. please help me
    Im realy happy for browse this site. i feel i can improve my skill from this. excelent
    thank you very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. nice vid. i really liked it. but may I ask you. what font was that “dancing with the stars”?

    more power. thanks!

  6. Thanks a lot!! i’ve seen your videos..and realy helps me to start editing photo’s…cool man..Thanks a lot!!

  7. THAT WASSSSSSS FREAAAAAAAAAKKKKKINNN AMAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZIINNGGGG! Call me crazy but I am in love with you……….rrrr tutorials! πŸ˜‰ lol but seriously that was simply great! I have been watching a few of your vids and you are just awesome. Thanks for the post! I have learnt so much today!

  8. This is a brilliant tutorial. Small problem. I have define pattern but define brush was greyed out. Stuck there.

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  10. This is really AWESOME!!!! Only one thing…can you tell me why I can’t “Define Brush Preset?” Something isn’t working, I don’t know what, but it won’t let me define it! πŸ™ Thanks! I really love your videos! Great tips and techniques!!

  11. Hello Corey,

    Awesome tutorial! I just wanted to ask if you can tell us how you made the text effect “dancing with the stars”.
    I would be really grateful πŸ™‚

  12. Love your work! I have followed several videos and learned a lot from them! THANK YOU! This one though, I am having the same problem as kellychevy101 though. I do everything the same but the define brush preset option is greyed out. I tried it on a mac and a pc and have spent hours going over all the settings trying to find out what I did wrong. Can anyone help?

  13. heyy love love love the tutes. you’re just brilliant.
    you probably heard this question many many times but i was wondering where you got that picture from?!
    thanks in advanced.

  14. Thank you =D
    You know whats scary,
    Hes has the same name as me…
    only thing is im a girl and corey is spelt diffrent!

  15. Did anyone figure out why Define Brush Preset is grayed out? I have trying to figure this out and nothing.

    The tutorial is awesome! Just need some help defining a brush preset, please!

  16. mazing pal, i have followed your tutorials for a while now and i am now doing web design at college now so i use a lot of your tips every day. Thanks for all the help i just love it, keep the good work up and i will keep following.

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