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Clever Texture Effects

This week Corey shows you how to take a simple texture shot from a smart phone to create an interesting design element.

24 comments on “Clever Texture Effects

  1. You are factory of ideas. Although people who don’t speak English can follow, I suggest to add pop-ups when you use Shift, Alt or another shortcut keys. Also it will be nice to allow embedding, so for example I can embed some videos in my blog.

  2. Thank you so much. Wonderful tutorial beautifully demonstrating that inspiration is everywhere an to always be aware of the beauty that’s around you. You’re an amazing and highly inspirational teacher Corey and I greatly appreciate all of your work. Keep it up my friend.

  3. Very cool tutorial Corey, i’ll be looking at my walls in a different way now. I always enjoy these tutorials and try to put them to good use in my photos.

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