Lens Correction For Video

If you have Photoshop Extended (CS3 or higher), you have the ability to open and edit video. In addition to any filter or adjustment layer, you can lens correct video! Just turn the layer into…

Change Quick Mask Options

When creating selections, change the Quick Mask options to make it easier. Double-click on the Quick Mask icon at the bottom of the Toolbox, and change the Color Indicates from Masked Areas to Selected Areas….

Shortcuts To Adjustment Layers

Here’s another keyboard shortcut change that’s very useful if you use adjustment layers all the time. Go to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts, choose Application Menus in the Shortcuts For drop-down menu, and twirl open the Layer option….

Seeing The Real Thing

Most people open an image, make a selection, and then move the selected part into a new document to see how it looks. Instead, try moving the original image into the new document or background…