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Building A Composite

This week Corey shows you how to combine two images into an interesting composite.

40 comments on “Building A Composite

  1. Hi Mike , After the clipping part, Just Add a Text of your Choice to the whole design.. and we are done !

    Cheers !

  2. Hi..I love this tutos but I’m not understand perfect English and sometimes is difficult to me understand what keys must be press….would be userfull if you include a tool for display the key press..thank so much and good luck

  3. Corey,
    I am inspired over and over again on new by your Tutorials. Not only the contents, but also your entertaining way provide for the fact that I inhale everything literally.

  4. You do the best tutorials I have ever seen!!! Thank you very much for all your hard work in sharing your knowledge with us. Cheers!!!!!

  5. When I do the layer mask on the glass, it will not let me erase the background. i am unsure of what i am doing wrong. everything looks the same. the background, all the layers… but when i go to use the brush tool, it does nothing…. help!!!!!

  6. Forget the last question i figured out that the background color had to be WHITE.

    Where can I find the picture of the GLASS??? Google is no help there…..

  7. I can’t say any thing..(No comment)

    it’s just more than what i a dream. I’ve seen a lot of these work but i can’t understand how they do it and you came and lighten us with this tutorial

    thank you so much sir and god bless you

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  9. Hi, great tutorial, as usually. It’s a pleasure to learn with.
    But I’d like to have a precision, cause i’m french (and also cause I’m quite amateur in PS) and, even if I follow you in your explainations, I some times need more precisions about the actions you made . In this case, I don’t understand which keys you pressed, in the action at about 6:45. Could you write me the combinaison of keys to press and actions to do, please?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

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