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28 comments on “Angels and Demons

  1. Another master piece. I have learned so much from your tuts. I can’t thank you enough for the lessons. You are the master.

  2. Man I learned a few shortcuts while watching the video. I admire your skill, you do it with such ease; thanks

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  4. Corey
    This is a wonderful video for my students! However, one of the students could not do the “M” and pull it down because a error would come up and say “cannot do it because the layer contains faux bold.” I tried to change the font style for him and it still didn’t work. Any thoughts?
    Robin Monaco
    CTE Graphic Art Instructor

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  8. @ robin monaco. double click on your text to highlight it and right click. on the menu there should be a choice for faux bold and faux italic. just uncheck the faux bold one and it should work. at least it did for me

  9. hey, i have a question…. in the first few seconds of the tut, when u turn the logo red, i simply cant. any colors i pick in the color swatches are shades of grey. i realized its because image/mode is greyscale… but changing it to RGB color doesn’t work, when i do this it makes a blanket of red, and the logo is blocked out. i hope someone understands what im trying to say and can help me… what else do i change image/mode to????????

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