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3D Streaks

In this tutorial, Corey explores the possibilities when using Photoshop CS4 Extended’s 3D tools by creating 3D streaks that wrap around each other.


58 comments on “3D Streaks

  1. It’s really brilliant I have seen so many tutorials, but the way you explain new ideas it’s is really cool. I learnt so many new ideas from you thank you so much from all of your students.

  2. Corey, as usual, your creativity and talent put the rest of the Photoshop Guys to shame. Keep up the great work!

    P.S. One of these days, I’ll get you to stop saying “really cool stuff”. It’s kind of redundant anyway, since everything you create IS really cool stuff.


  3. Amazing! I love your tutorials with a passion, and one with on the 3d of CS4 really excites me.

    Though, I have an issue.. I can’t seem to find or lack the 3d axis widget.

  4. Very nice, but too fast for me. I kept having to stop and rewind and a stop again. And then there were problems when I tried to do “Paths” >> “Stroke Paths”. It was grayed out. So I’m dead in the water right there. I find this happening often in tutorials. It would be nice to have a short blurb with “hey if stroke paths is grayed out do this. I did watch the whole tutorial 2x, but that was all I could do since my stroke path wasn’t an option.

  5. Thank God you speak quickly. I am only an amateur but find the pacing of most tutorials to be waaay toooo slooow. Excellent work!

  6. Corey, great fan of your work here. I particularly like your design creativity in After Effects.
    One quick thing… what is the name of the font you used in this tutorial? I am seeing the tutorial in a very small screen and I cannot make up the name of the font. Excellent work, thank you

  7. Great Tutorial, just have one problem, for one reason or another when i try to group my 3D objects the option is grayed out. an im sure ive selected the corect layers. So if you could shed some light on the issue that would be great!

  8. i tried to delete some parts of the streaks but i couln’t delete them.
    i tried to delete using the Earase tool but its impossible to do it.

    does anyone know why?

  9. You should make a link to the .psd to every tut. =) So u can download it and start with playing with the finnished one =)

  10. Excellent idea and I’m trying to incorporate it into a design as we speak. However, I do not seem to be able to rotate my layers like you can. I do not have a 3D axis for rotation and scaling on my screen. I can rotate with the info bar on the top of the screen but it is hit or miss and not very intuitive.

    Every time I open photoshop, I get a warning that my video card is not to date and a similar warning when I try to create the 3D shape. When I try to go to the website it will not allow me to connect. Is my video card part of my problem?

  11. I experienced the same problem: I couldn’t merge 3d layers, and I’m sure that I have selected the correct layers, but the Merge 3D layers option is grayed out.

  12. Problem solved!!!! When the Merge 3D Layers option is grayed out. You must synchronize the camera view of the original layer with the target layer. First select the 3D camera tool, in the options bar (usually under the top menu), choose the view (scroll the option until you find the name of the target layer) in the original layer. Now Merge 3D Layers option is available.

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  14. Dude, this tutorial is damn creative I dunno how you came up with it but this totally rocks!! You really put PsUserTv to shame… rock dude….you rock…your da best!!!

  15. I noticed a couple individuals brought up this problem and I briefly ran into it when working with 3D objects … areas grayed out so that you could not access those features. The simplest solution is often this: Make sure you’re working in RGB, not CMYK.

    I really enjoyed the 3D tutorial.

  16. hi im using CS2 and when i draw the line with the pen tool and then click paths and then click the arrows it does not show the stroke path menu?? why??

  17. I’m running CS4 but it’s refusing to simulate pen pressure for some reason. Anybody have an answer to my problem?
    I followed this tutorial on the CS4 and my school and had no problems at all, but on my computer at home my CS4 just won’t let my brush simulate the pen pressure so I just get a bulky line. Please help.

  18. OH MY GOD!
    By the way, do only the 4th cs version has the 3D menu?
    I currently use the 2nd one, the cs2 and I don’t have it.

  19. I love your tutorials but I ran into trouble right away with this. Like Ches, from a message March 17, I have no widget showing up and have found no way to make it show. Kind of makes things go dead in the water early in the adventure! Any idea how to get that working (on PC) ? Also, for experienced users, your speed is probably great but for those of use who are more inexperienced, it takes time to work through every single move and find the controls or buttons so, in my case, I have to hit pause with about every sentence you say until I’ve had time to find and do for myself. It is better than dealing with a too-slow speaker, but a slight slowdown or momentary pauses wouldn’t hurt.

  20. Thanks Alex Chan, I have been struggling to merge the 3D layers as Corey did in this tutorial for some time – now it works fine (so easy when you know how)

  21. hey i hv this problem the part where it says i go do a spherical shape in 3d i open the 3d menu but i cant select any of them any help??

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