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3D Design

Using 3D tools in Photoshop CS4 Extended to create a logo element.

24 comments on “3D Design

  1. I’ve become enamored with the 3D tools in PSCS4 Extended, and I’ve started looking at integrating items made with Google Sketchup, but starting out with something easy, yet elegant like your tutorial is great.

  2. This was a very cool tutorial

    As soon as I got CS4 I did the exact same technique you did on this tutorial!

    I was wondering could you make a tutorial that would help me with a problem I’m having with CS4 Extended

    When I was working with 3D objects, the 3 pronged arrow object didnt appear on my screen, do you know why it doesn’t appear?

  3. A little off topic, but I was wondering how you were creating these flash tutorials. Are you using something like Captivate?

    ps ~ Great tutorials! I’ve learned some easier ways to do things.

  4. Thank you so VERY much! I’ve reviewed quite a few tutorials but your instructions are THE BEST. I was really frustrated before I came across this website. Thanks again!

  5. Okay, I got CS4 recently, and for some reason, whenever I go into the 3D menu (I followed instructions to a T) it is grayed out (as in I can’t select anything)

    How do I fix this problem?

  6. I tried the sphere graphic design up to the point of filling in the color. The “option delete” function you mentioned in filling the color does not work. Do I need to assign this function? And, is there another function I can use to fill in the graphic???? PLEASSSSE advise, thx

  7. to Matthias (and maybe Faith) Option Delete is alt+backspace on a PC.

    Mac to PC is:

    Option to Alt
    Command to Cntrl
    Delete to Backspace

  8. Corey,

    Im a graphic designer and I use both PS and Illustrator extensively, and I am very, very good with them as well. However, I must say, your masterful understanding of basic techniques is incredible….Your tutorials arent about creating huge explosive graphic pieces like most sites, but about showcasing creative techniques in simple, dummy proof steps.

    Keep up the awesome work.

  9. really cool. big into photoshop. if you could send me a link that has any new tuts in photoshop please. Thanks for the tut.

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