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3D Billiard Balls

Learn how to create billiard ball using the 3D tools in Photoshop Extended.

34 comments on “3D Billiard Balls

  1. Great tutorial!
    By the way, i’ve been having a hard time trying to design someone coming up a bed sheet. The way you can see the form of the body, weather their standing or laying on the floor. I’ve tried displace effect but it seems not to work. Can you please help me?

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  3. wow thats very creative i don’t have CS4 i have it on cd but i got vista :\ and it doesnt load the installer but yeah thats hell pro very well done i love your tutorials

  4. Just got CS4, very cool, Although i can’t find out how you display the 3D direction tool in the top left, i can still rotate/position/resize my 3D objects, but i can’t see the x/y/z axis thing in the top left, how do you display it? lol

  5. guys with cs3, you don’t have that many options in your version for 3d, thats why you can’t find some of those options

  6. Wow,that was incredibly great………..a fantastic tutorial. What can i say you really know your material inside out top job well done,Marty

  7. Corey

    Do you know of a 3D plug-in for CS3?

    I love what you did with the billiard balls and have an application for it.

    Unfortunately I only have CS3


  8. Awesome! Your tutorials are very instructive and comprehensive!

    … in my cs4 the 3D options doesnt stay available… i dont know why… ”/
    the options inside menu are turn off…

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  12. Amazing work. I found out things I’d have never known in photoshop. You make it look so easy and effortless. It’s beautiful I tell you!!

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  14. Hi Corey:

    On my PC I can not copy the rectangular marquee tool to lower part of the layer. I can Drag by holding Alt + shift key to copy the white rectangluar shape to bottom of the page.
    Everything else works just fine except when I try to change the color of secong ball, the entire area is selected. To solve this problem I had to use quick selection tool to select top and bottom white areas and inside of ball number and finally click on select and inverse to paint the ball different color.

    What am I doing wrong here?

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