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Smart Object warp

If you have a Smart Object made from a Photoshop document or object on a layer, you can warp it any way you like. However, if the Smart Object is a Vector Smart Object from Illustrator, you cannot warp it. The solution is simple, yet odd: convert the Vector Smart Object to a Smart Object (from the Layers panel's flyout menu) and then it can be warped. If you need to edit the original Illustrator artwork, you'll have to double-click on the Smart Object's layer thumbnail to open a Photoshop document that contains the Vector Smart Object. Double-click on its layer thumbnail to open it in Illustrator. (It's easier than it sounds.)

4 comments on “Smart Object warp

  1. Super Tip Corey. This will save having to do even more cumbersome workarounds if someone didn’t know this easy one.

  2. These are the kinds of quirks that drive me nuts about Photoshop. Aren’t we on version 13 now? You have to convert a smart object into a smart object? That’s just dumb.

  3. Yeah the only problem is that if you scale it up it act as a raster image end it does not mantain the resolution of the vector object itself. You have to resize it bigger than you have to distort to, THEN convert it to a smart object, and then distort it.

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