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More Fun With Brushes

Here we will explore another aspect of custom brushes to create a cool background effect.

23 comments on “More Fun With Brushes

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  4. big fan of the tutorials here, first time poster…

    I followed this one and made another one myself without problems, now
    I am trying it again and I cant choose the “Define brush” option anymore.

    any help? cheers.

  5. very nice, I make brushes for just about everything I do.

    I was wondering if you had a tutorial on how to extract hair from a multi-color background? All the tutorial I see,extract hair from white or single color background, which is quite easy.

  6. I think the problem to define a brush is due to the resolution. I doesn’t work if its 151 pixels/inch or more. So 150 should work. I don’t know why I would my resolution up hehe.

    That was my problem.

    this is a great tutorial. Thanks =D keep it up =D

  7. Hello mr. Barker,

    WoW! You make me do some amazing stuff. Your tutorials are easy to follow, very clear, and I am always pleased by the results… Thanks to you.

    Keep up the good work. And one day I hope I can give to others what you are giving me today…


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