Keeping Composites Simple

Creating a thought-provoking photo composite doesn’t always have to be a labor-intensive affair. Sometimes it can be as simple as adding a mask and painting with a soft black brush to blend two images. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to take a simple concept and quickly fashion it into a compelling composite.


Bleach Bypass Effect

Nik Software (now owned by Google) is the developer of a spectacular Photoshop plug-in called Color Efex Pro. In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to reproduce the Bleach Bypass look using Photoshop’s remarkable resources.


Artistic Photo Composite

In today’s tutorial, we’ll build a Zen-like, misty mountains composite from existing landscape photos and textures. Along the way, hopefully we’ll pick up a few useful techniques and also discover that creation is a fulfilling (sometimes arduous) process.