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Abstract 3D

Using Photoshop CS5’s new 3D features to create abstract 3D elements.

21 comments on “Abstract 3D

  1. That was fun Corey, taking shapes in to 3d especial ones that have internal constrainst is interesting too, and thank you i was trying to figure out all day how to change the sides to a different color I new there was a trick just couldn’t get it. cheers kim

  2. great tutorial.

    I have been a photoshop user for many years and decided to go for the extended version of CS5 this time round. I have to be honest I’m still very much at the beginning of the journey in appreciating the 3D features. It will be interesting a ride in discovering the many 3d features and learning to be creative with it.
    But I agree with Scott it nice to know its not all about 3D text

  3. Everything is new for me…I want to learn basic photoshoppe. I am frustrated artist, but I can’t afford to buy Installer, where can I fined free downloads? can you help me sir..Thank you

  4. I weep seeing these 3d tuts knowing I cant take advantage of any of it, even though I didn’t think my laptop was that underpowered. :_ (

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